Stock up on these session-able beers before the Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl isn’t just an occasion for football-watching and chip-dunking. It’s also a beer-drinking marathon. So unless you want to pass out in a bloated, bleary-eyed heap before half-time, you might want to stay away from the 9% IPAs and nitro stouts. Instead, opt for a football beer.

To qualify as a “football beer,” the brew has to be light-bodied, easy on the hops (so you can still taste the queso dip) and below 7% ABV. Here, five great game-day beers that fit the bill.

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Football Beers
Credit: © Oskar Blues Brewery

Though this canned favorite does include a good dose of citrusy hops, there’s enough malt to balance those flavors. Its thirst-quenching qualities make it the ideal pairing for salty snacks.

Evil Twin Low Life

Football Beers
Credit: © Evil Twin

For the reformed PBR drinker who still wants something crazy-light and gulpable comes a craft version of the hipster favorite. Low Life is just the pilsner for mindlessly chasing down nachos.

Sixpoint The Crisp

Football Beers
Credit: © Sixpoint Brewery

The German-style pilsner lives up to its name. Clean and crisp, it’s refreshing out of the can but do yourself a favor and pour it into a pilsner glass to fully enjoy the beer’s frothy, foamy, creamy head.

Brooklyn Brewery Insulated Lager

Football Beers
Credit: © Brooklyn Brewery

A darker, easy-drinking lager, this Euro-style brew is deliciously malty with a clean, quick finish. It would be perfect with a bowlful of chili and, at 5.6% alcohol, won’t knock you out.

Founders All Day IPA

Football Beers
Credit: © Founders Brewing Co.

The brewers put their intention for this session ale right in the name. You can drink it all day long. Citrusy and just a tad grassy, this beer is almost too easy to finish. But that’s okay—it comes in at under 5%.