Because puppies.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 09, 2017

Who needs football when you can watch adorable puppies play with squeaky toys? Here, 11 great snacks that are almost as cute.

1. Snack Mix

The ultimate candy mash-up recipe, this snack mix makes use of whatever you have around from 3 Musketeers to peanut butter cups and throws it all together in a sweet, salty treat that will keep in snacking all week.

Think of it as puppy chow for people.

2. Crispy Quinoa Sliders

Vegetarian party-goers (and everyone else) will enjoy these meatless mini-burgers.

3. Mini Burgers & Crispy Onion Rings

And for those who would rather eat meat, go with these adorable sliders.

4. Hogs in a Blanket

© Chris Court

Classic American appetizers like spicy wings and deviled eggs are perfect for everything from game days to graduation parties. Whether you're looking for a twist on your favorite hors d'oeuvre or want a traditional recipe, we've got you covered. From perfect crab cakes to baked Buffalo chicken wings, here are our best all-American appetizers.

These bite-sized snacks feature andouille sausage with sweet mustard chutney.

5. Beef Tenderloin "Dogs" with Corn Relish

Enjoy dogs both on- and off-screen with these delicious mini beef tenderloin "dogs," which are topped with sweet corn relish.

6. Three-Cheese Mini Macs

Mac and cheese is even tastier (and definitely cuter) when cooked in a mini-muffin pan.

7. Deviled Eggs with Country Ham

This classic finger food gets terrific flavor from goat cheese, Dijon mustard and cornichons.

8. Hush Puppies with Green Zebra Tomato Jam


Their cheeky nickname is "shut-your-piehole puppies."

9. Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecakes

© Fredrika Stjärne

These decadent mini cakes can easily be made ahead of time.

10. Doughnut Holes with Raspberry Jam

You'll probably be frying delicious foods like wings and mozzarella sticks during the season. But why stop there? You should fry dessert too! Here are seven crispy, speedy, game day desserts like fried cinnamon-sugar-ricotta fritters and fried apple pie.

Light, crisp doughnut holes are great with any jam, or by themselves.

11. Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

Crushed Oreos and vanilla frosting top these tasty chocolate cupcakes.