8 Tasty Pub Foods to Make (So You Don't Have to Go to a Crowded Pub)

Don't attempt to fight your way into an Irish pub today. Instead, make your own pub food at home with these eight recipes.


Today is the day when everyone drops everything and runs to the nearest Irish pub to down pints of Guinness. The smart revelers will also order some shepherd's pie or Welsh rarebit in order to pad their drinking. But the even-smarter St. Patty's day partiers won't even try to elbow their way into a pub. Instead, they'll bring home a few bottles of Guinness (it's not as good as draught, but it does the trick) and enjoy them with these eight recipes.

1. Fried Beer-Battered Fish and Chips

This version of a pub staple is fried in a wonderfully light beer batter and served with dilled tartar sauce.

2. Beef Stew

Beef stew is everything you want in comfort food—it's hearty and satisfying—but what makes this version stand out is its subtle, sophisticated use of coriander and fenugreek seeds.

3. Beef Hand Pies

Savory and meaty, these mini pies are quick and impressive.

4. Banger & Egg Sandwiches

These messy, cheesy sandwiches are a fast and satisfying way to have breakfast for dinner.

5. Luxe Bubble and Squeak

Traditionally made with mashed vegetables left over from a Sunday roast, bubble and squeak allegedly gets its name from the sound the ingredients make in the skillet.

6. Shepherd's Pie

Madeira, a fortified wine, gives this dish a caramelly sweetness.

7. Welsh Rabbit

These open-faced sandwiches (also known as rarebit) are hard to resist. Thick slices of toasted country bread get topped with melted extra-sharp cheddar cheese that's spiced with Worcestershire sauce and Guinness.

8. Irish Soda Bread

This dense and hearty soda bread is perfect for sandwiches, especially ones filled with smoked salmon.

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