This Election Day, the Full Frontal host tells us about the first turkey she cooked.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017
Citrus-and-Butter Turkey
Credit: © Nicole Franzen

Today’s the day: Decision 2016. Instead of anxiously twiddling our thumbs and checking the polls until the official announcement of who will be our 45th president, we’re calm, distracted and laughing—thanks to Samantha Bee.

In honor of history being made today (and 16 days until all of America goes into one collective food coma), the Full Frontal host and former The Daily Show correspondent has quite the story for the first Thanksgiving meal she cooked.

“It was my first meal where I had the whole family,” she recounts. “And I tried to stuff turkey breasts.”

As a budding home cook at the time, groomed on her mother’s Canadian Living subscription and issues of Gourmet stolen from the dentist’s office, Bee hadn’t yet mastered the art of cooking ahead. (Not at all the case now; clearly she's a baking whiz.) So that meant the usual family-style Thanksgiving spread across the table more like a sushi conveyor belt.

“I had to make each dish individually, so we ate in waves,” Bee says. “And the turkey was sort of uncooked in the center—I think the oven didn’t get hot enough—so that final dish was raw turkey.”

However, no one complained.

“Everyone was really, really nice about it, but it was kind of a nightmare."