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Not only is drinking kosher for Passover, generally it's encouraged—an appropriately run Seder includes four glasses of wine. But the status of certain other intoxicants remained a bit of a mystery. But according to this week’s Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, a number of rabbis are giving the green light to pot for Passover. Now, there are some congregations that believe in a ban on all drugs at all times, and obviously for them pot is off-limits no matter what time of year it is. However, for Jews who don’t believe in a complete moratorium, there is nothing about pot that would prohibit it during Passover. “Cannabis isn’t chametz (banned on Passover), and you can quote me on that,” Rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich told Haaretz. A second rabbi who wished to remain anonymous opposed smoking pot recreationally, but “affirms that it is nevertheless kosher all year round.” If you’re planning edibles, though, just make sure you’re eating macaroons and not cookies.