Nobody will feed you better than Bubbe.
Credit: © Lucy Schaeffer

Jewish grandmothers always know what will make you feel better—especially when it comes to comfort food. Don't have a Bubbe? That's okay, you can be your own—culinarily at least! From classic matzo ball soup to sweet-and-chewy coconut macaroons, here are five delicious recipes to master in time for Passover.

1. Matzo Ball Soup with Dill-Horseradish Pistou

Matzo Ball Soup with Dill-Horseradish Pistou

Everyone should know how to make this traditional Jewish soup.

2. Grandma Selma's Brisket

Grandma Selma's Brisket
Credit: © John Kernick

Chef Russ Pillar experimented with a mix of spices and unexpected ingredients (such as Coca-Cola) to re-create his grandmother's version.

3. Potato Kugel with Fried Shallots

Potato Kugel with Fried Shallots
Credit: © Lucy Schaeffer

This fantastic baked pudding is crispy at the edges and deliciously creamy in the middle.

4. Whole-Grain Matzo

Whole-Grain Matzo

"As a baker and a Jewish mother, I thought, I can do that," says cookbook author Marcy Goldman who uses whole-grain flours to give her homemade matzo a a more crackly, sandy texture than white-flour matzo.

5. Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons

These sweet and chewy cookies require just five ingredients.