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Need an Easy Passover Snack? Say Hello to the Matzo Tartine
Justin Chapple whips up the quick treats on this week’s episode of Mad Genius: Home Edition.
At Vic’s in New York City, Hillary Sterling Hosts a Passover Feast
Sterling’s decision to host a Seder on the fifth night of Passover, which lasts for eight days, was inspired by the Seder Hamishi, a ritual adapted by medieval Jews in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, who had been forced to convert to Christianity during the Inquisition.
Gail Simmons Shares Her Mom's Classic Recipe for Chopped Chicken Liver
Whether you're looking for something to get you through Passover or just need a new, deceptively easy but impressive appetizer, look no further.
7 Matzo Desserts for Passover
Passover means matzo, and it’s no secret that enjoying matzo for seven or eight days means finding a few ways to get creative. So, we rounded up some deliciously sweet desserts that don’t just swap in matzo, but take advantage of its toasty flavor and crunchy texture. We’d make these all year long.

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Gail Simmons's Favorite Passover Recipes

The Top Chef judge and F&W Special Projects Director's favorite recipes from horseradish brisket to rosemary matzo ball soup.