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Haroset, a condiment made with fruits and nuts, is traditionally served with matzoh during the Passover Seder to represent the mortar enslaved Jews used to build the pyramids. Though the ingredients vary depending on the region from which it evolved, it can be made with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, as well as fresh fruit like apples and pomegranate seeds, plus a little sweet wine and honey. This version is inspired by Ashkenazi traditions and made with fresh apples, walnuts, sweet wine, honey, and cinnamon. Leftovers would be delicious mixed into your morning yogurt.
Need an Easy Passover Snack? Say Hello to the Matzo Tartine
Justin Chapple whips up the quick treats on this week’s episode of Mad Genius: Home Edition.
12 Tasty Passover Dessert Recipes
An impressive dessert is the perfect way to round out your Passover Seder. Here, we've gathered a collection of recipes that are delicious and can be easily tailored to accommodate any dietary restrictions you observe for the holiday. Pareve margarine can be swapped in for butter in desserts such as this Mixed Berry Crisp with Matzo Streusel (try topping it with dairy-free ice cream, too!), and this Pineapple-Coconut Soft Serve contains no dairy at all. If you avoid eating kitniyot—an ingredient category that includes foods such as rice and seeds, like poppy seeds and sunflower seeds—you'll find several dessert options to suit the holiday, too. From a two-ingredient sorbet to dairy-free and gluten-free Orange Torta, these treats go beyond the usual macaroons (although we couldn't resist Molly Yeh's Matcha Coconut Macaroons). Read on for all 12 recipes, and start planning your Seder now.

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8 Delicious Lamb Recipes for a Passover Seder
A traditional Passover Seder plate includes a shank bone, which symbolizes the sacrificial lamb that was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem. While it's appropriate to serve lamb for Passover, interpretations of the rules for preparation vary. But if you're serving a reform meal (or just looking for an excuse to have lamb for dinner), here are eight terrific lamb recipes to try for Passover.
7 Passover-Themed Movies and TV Shows to Watch After Your Seder
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