Transport yourself to Texas by following your favorite chefs, like Graham Elliot and Amanda Freitag, on Instagram and Twitter during the festival.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Hugh Acheson

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Including the upcoming Food & Wine festival, going down in Austin this weekend, April 28-30.

You can get in on all the action—tacos and margaritas with Jonathan Waxman, grilling galore with Tim Love, wine 101 with our executive wine editor Ray Isle—courtesy the social media efforts our #FWFesties.

Check out @foodandwine on Twitter and Instagram, and look out for hashtags #FWFesties and #AFWFest. Our all-star cast of chefs will be Tweeting and Instagramming everything you’re dying to see at Austin Food & Wine.

Now meet the #FWFesties:

Hugh Acheson

Instagram: @hughacheson
Twitter: @HughAcheson

Graham Elliot

Instagram: @grahamelliot
Twitter: @grahamelliot

Amanda Freitag

Instagram: @chefamandaf
Twitter: @amandafreitag

Ludo Lefebvre

Instagram: @chefludo
Twitter: @chefludo

Jonathan Waxman

Instagram: @chefjwaxman
Twitter: @chefjwaxman