Great ideas for your Academy Awards party.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 13, 2017

An Academy Awards viewing party deserves more than a bowlful of cheese doodles and a sad platter of crudités. Step up your munchies game with bite-sized snacks that are as elegant as the Oscars. Here, our best recipes for refined (but still super-snackable) Oscar party finger foods.

1. Deviled Eggs with Pickled Shrimp

Creamy dill-and-chive deviled eggs become extra satisfying with the addition of briny pickled shrimp.
Michael Crook

To amp up his creamy dill-and-chive deviled eggs, Bobby Flay tops them with tangy pickled shrimp.

2. Crispy Polenta Bites with Arugula Tapenade

Instead of using polenta as a side dish, turn it into crouton-like hors d'oeuvres like these, which are piled with a crunchy arugula-and-radish tapenade.

3. Roasted Fingerling Potato and Pressed Caviar Canapés

© Ellie Miller

For this easy, impressive hors d'oeuvre, top roasted fingerling potatoes with sour cream and slender diamonds of pressed caviar.

4. Crispy Frico with Ripe Pear

Top crispy fried cheese chips with thinly sliced pear and really good balsamic vinegar for a fast and delicious snack.

5. 7-Minute Salmon Caviar Sushi Bites

This is an inexpensive, easy, playful take on a sushi roll.

6. Skewered Shrimp and Ham with Apple Jelly

Andrew Zimmern's grilled shrimp-and-ham hors d'oeuvres are sweet, savory and spicy all at once—making them the perfect party food.

7. Smoked Salmon Crisps

This is an easy adaptation of chef Thomas Keller’s famous salmon cornets.

8. Cauliflower Fritters

These fritters are studded with crunchy nubs of cauliflower florets and topped with tangy yogurt sauce and salmon roe.

9. Wild Mushroom Crostini

For these crostini, chef Ford Fry tops creamy ricotta with a mix of garlicky mushrooms and a handful of herbs.