Get ready for Rio!

Chile-Cheese Yucca Chips
Credit: © Cedric Angeles

Are you ready for the start of the Rio Olympics? Here, seven fantastic make-ahead snacks for an epic Olympics viewing party.

1. Sausage-Stuffed Brazilian Cheese Breads

Sausage-Stuffed Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo)
Credit: © Phoebe Lapine

Pao de queijo is a traditional Brazilian cheese bread made from sour tapioca flour. If you can't find the sour version, you can substitute regular tapioca flour. This recipes includes browned pork sausage that's mixed into the rolls.

2. Feta-Filled Arepas

Feta-Filled Arepas

Chef Peter Berley's sophisticated take on arepas (corn cakes) features tangy feta cheese.

3. Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Simple cakes like this one are a popular treat in Brazil.

4. Brigadeiro


These Brazilian sweets are a cinch to make and can be rolled in anything from chocolate sprinkles to shredded coconut.

5. Brazilian Chia Pudding Cups with Açai and Coconut Yogurt

Brazilian Chia Pudding Cups with Acai and Coconut Yogurt
Credit: © Phoebe Lapine

Chia pudding gets a Brazilian twist with frozen açai and toasted coconut. Keep the elements separate and assemble them when you're ready to eat.

6. Chile-Cheese Yucca Chips

Chile-Cheese Yucca Chips
Credit: © Cedric Angeles

Yucca, sometimes called cassava, is a starchy root that grows in very warm climates and makes super crunchy chips.

7. Beef-and-Onion Empanadas

Beef-and-Onion Empanadas
Credit: © Fredrika Stjärne

A mixture of ground beef, smoked paprika, green olives and cumin fills these tasty empanadas.

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