From Rachel Khong, author of Lucky Peach's All About Eggs.

By Max Bonem
April 26, 2017
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One of the best ways you can thank your mom on Mother's Day is to cook her an awesome brunch (and by mixing up a cocktail or two). While staples like eggs Benedict or a frittata are always great, why not treat your mom to something different this year?

“Moms love to be impressed by their kids, so presenting your mom with a dish that she can clasp her hands together for is a great thing,” says Rachel Khong, author of the new cookbook All About Eggs. Here are three recipes to get that reaction from Mom on May 14.



Kookoo Sabzi

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“Kookoo sabzi, the Persian herb omelette, is really good and involves a ton of herb chopping,” says Khong. “So if you have siblings, you can make cooking for mom more of a team effort. The amount of herbs you need is shocking, but it turns out really great.”

Recipe: Kooko Sabzi


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“One recipe that I learned about through writing the book was the Filipino dish, bibingka, which is this coconut and rice flour cake that has salted duck eggs pushed into the top of it,” she explains. “It’s all baked inside of a banana leaf and comes out with this mochi-esque consistency, sort of soft and a little gummy. It’s really sweet, but with that salty, preserved egg on top, it’s a festive little surprise for mom. Definitely weird looking, but super delicious.”

Recipe: Bibingka

Huevos Motuleños

“A familiar dish that is still a little special and creative is huevos motuleños,” she says. “It’s Mexican fried eggs on fried-until-crispy tortillas with fried plantains, cheese, peas and a habanero tomato salsa on top. It’s a bit random, but it looks striking and festive and it’s so good.”

Recipe: Huevos Motuleños

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