Poor John McCain faces some tough competition tonight at the Republican National Convention: the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. While McCain is delivering his much-anticipated speech, the 2008 NFL season will have officially kicked off as the reigning Super Bowl champions face the Skins. Some of the sports-crazed staffers at F&W have put together the ultimate F&W NFL package that delivers delicious recipes to get you through five months of football as well as predictions, opinions and obsessions from our favorite football-obsessed chefs.

We’ll be updating our NFL package throughout the season. Still to come:

*David Chang’s prediction for the Washington Redskins's season.

*New Orleans Saints fan Susan Spicer’s favorite game day foods.

*Frank Ruta on which player he’d most like to be on the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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If chef Tim Love could be any player on the Dallas Cowboys he'd be tight end Jason Whitten