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Yep, still out there shopping, aren't we. Well, here are a few last-minute wine possibilities:

1. In the realm of hyper-useful stocking stuffers, there's always WineAway. It's made of some secret combination of citrus extracts, smells like you squeezed an orange on yourself, but it takes out red wine stains effectively (I've used it repeatedly, and it's never let me down). To find a place near you that carries it, I'd go to the source and ask them.

2. Educating Peter, by F&W's Lettie Teague. A wine book that's both educational and fun to read—who would've thought it possible. Yet there it is. Available, as they say, at a fine bookstore near you or on Amazon (see link above), of course.

3. The inarguably well-chosen white wine selection from Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village. I had the pleasure a while back of devouring (along with some friends) this entire box of cheese, while pairing it with—roughly—the wines they'd suggested to go along with it. The wine suggestions were terrific; the cheese was even better. If you've got a wine and cheese nut on the list, check it out (but be prepared to slap down $90-good cheese ain't cheap).

4. An ah-so. What, you ask, is the ah-so? It's one of those wine openers with two little springy steel flanges attached to a flattened hoop-like handle. What, you say? Impossible to visualize? Not if you go here. As for why—well, the ah-so is a pain in the neck to use most of the time, at least compared to a normal corkscrew, but there is absolutely nothing better for removing broken, crumbly or weak corks. Invaluable, at least two or three times a year. Sorta like a zester or egg slicer. Most good wine stores sell them.

And, last but not least...

5. A subscription to Food & Wine. But you probably saw that one coming.