6 Super-Tasty Meatless Burgers for Memorial Day

Veggie Burgers with lentils and tofu

Mushrooms, grains, and lentils are just a few ingredients that can serve as the base for a great meatless burger patty. Here's a variety of excellent veggie burgers to make for a weekend gathering.

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Cumin–Spiced Red Lentil Burgers

Cumin-Spiced Red Lentil Burgers
© Keller & Keller

The red lentils in these spicy, Indian-inspired vegetarian burgers don't need to be soaked and cook super-quickly. What's more, they are rich in B vitamins, fiber, and folate.

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Veggie Burgers with Pomegranate Ketchup

Day 15: Veggie Burgers with Pomegranate Ketchup

Ground porcini mushrooms add meaty flavor to Richard Blais's fantastic burgers.

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Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burgers
© Cedric Angeles

These vegetarian burgers make thick, delicious patties that stay tender. The roasted red pepper spread doubles as a fantastic dipping sauce for french fries.

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Beet-Bean Cheeseburger

Beet-Bean Cheeseburger

Star chef Dan Barber uses toasted pulp left over from juicing beets and carrots for his exceptional veggie burgers.

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Crispy Quinoa Sliders

Crispy Quinoa Sliders
© Christina Holmes

These light patties are fantastic as mini veggie burgers or served with a salad.

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Double Drive-Thru Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers with lentils and tofu

Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli is famous for her deliciously charred veggie burgers. For a "special sauce," she swaps out mayo for silken-tofu mayonnaise to make a tangy-sweet vegan take on Thousand Island dressing.

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