Suitable for the hungriest horde, undead or alive.

By Maxine Shen
Updated May 31, 2017
Credit: © Gene Page/AMC

Tonight, The Walking Dead returns from its winter hiatus and there’s no better way to celebrate than by gathering close your loved ones for a viewing party to see what fate has in store for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his unlucky cohorts.

Even though the Season 7 midseason premiere is just hours away—it airs at 9:00/8:00 central on AMC—it’s not too late to whip up some tasty snacks that look like they were made for an undead army, but are actually suitable even for those with delicate stomachs.

Here are some quick and easy recipes guaranteed to appease the hungriest horde, undead or alive.

Pork and Scallion-Stuffed Brains

Wrinkly pork dumplings, liberally doused with a red chile-sesame sauce, give new meaning to the phrase “brain food,” especially when displayed in a clear glass bowl for maximum visibility. You’ll only need an hour and a half to whip up chef David Burtka’s dumpling recipe. For a cheesier (and heartier) take on simulated brains, make three-cheese mac and cheese in a mini muffin pan.

Eyeball Canapes

Credit: © David Malosh

Non-zombies all around the world consider eyeballs to be a delicacy, which means they must be extra fine food for the undead! But, for the squeamish, good substitutes for the real deal are scallop and olive canapés, which mimic a zombie’s creepy, unblinking death stare.

Dark Drinks

Credit: © David Malosh

While drinking toilet water is perfectly acceptable on The Walking Dead (it happened in Season 5), your guests might not appreciate a beverage that’s ladled out of the commode. Instead, serve up a bowl of Dark and Stormy Death Punch—a take on the classic mix of rum and ginger that resembles eyeballs floating in formaldehyde, thanks to the addition of lychees stuffed with cherries. For something a little less shocking, the pomegranate seeds floating in this sparkling pomegranate punch look a like delicate little blood drops.

Finger Food

Credit: © David Malosh

To the undead, "finger food" means actual fingers. These spicy cheddar finger cookies are fast to prepare and offer up an alternative to biting your fingernails with anxiety over how Rick is going to finagle his way out of Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) trap tonight.

Ribs the Right Way

These lamb ribs are seasoned with oregano and coriander before they’re grilled. We love them served with tangy, quick-preserved lemons.
| Credit: John Kernick

These lamb ribs are seasoned with oregano and coriander before they’re grilled. We love them served with tangy, quick-preserved lemons.

John Kernick John Kernick

The Walking Dead’s walkers have no problems eating ribs raw, but it’s much tastier to eat them when they’re perfectly seasoned and grilled. Chef Michael Symon’s Greek-accented grilled lamb ribs with quick preserved lemon will do the trick. If you’re planning on watching the midseason premiere on DVR, though, you’ve got time for these easy baby back rib recipes, which require overnight marinating.