Tweets and ‘grams, or it didn’t happen.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017

The West Coast is certainly looking like the best coast right about now.

That’s because the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival kicks off tomorrow, bringing big-name chefs, night market eats, intrepid industry experts and more to the City of Angeles for the weekend.

Before serious FOMO descends, here’s your in at the festival. Follow @foodandwine on Twitter and Instagram and meet your new Insta-friends, the event's official #FWFesties. Our crew of all-knowing chefs and food world insiders will be on the ground, Tweeting and Instagramming everything you need to know at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival.

Start following them now:

Chris Ford
Twitter: @bttrlovehardwrk
Instagram: @butterloveandhardwork

Stephanie Izard
Twitter: @StephAndTheGoat
Instagram: @stephandthegoat