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When our friend Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon told us she was hosting a fall fête on an upstate New York farm, we couldn’t wait to see the photos from the gorgeous autumnal event. Taking place at Westwind Orchard, the dinner sought to bring together a diverse group of creative talents from stylists to photographers, foodies, and a professional skateboarder. The company assembled was as distinct and intriguing as the seasonal fare cooked up by Chef Jody Williams of New York’s Buvette. Read on to see the gorgeous setting and get inspired by Calderone’s seasonal entertaining décor.

With the décor and table setting exuding comfortable, stylish simplicity and a seasonal menu which utilized the farm’s fresh ingredients, the event was a success and naturally swoon-worthy.

“I come from a design belief that celebrates simplistic and easily accessible details,” Calderone told us when we asked about her inspiration for the event. “I like when it looks like something is effortless but it’s been executed in a thoughtful way.

Chic, simple table settings featured hand-tied herb bundles Calderone hand-picked from around the farm along with centerpieces made with collected wildflowers in simple brown bottles. “I wanted to take a simple, inexpensive idea, and make it beautiful,” the lifestyle expert shares.

Inspired by the seasonal menu and the dinner’s rustic farm setting, Calderone used hay bales as seating, covering them with sheepskins picked up at Ikea and tied with twine to create a cozy, comfortable feeling.

Guests came together for a day at the farm, which included fresh brick-oven pizza snacks, a farm tour, bocce ball games, and a cocktail hour all before the main event. “Food is the greatest common denominator,” Calderone told us when asked about the diverse background of her guests. “More than anything, I love food and gathering with friends and people that inspire me to come together and share experiences.”

Head over to Eye Swoon to read more about the décor and menu for the dinner, and for a full experience of the day, check out the event’s video.

All photos by Winnie Au