Enter frozen grasshoppers, mulled wine, and clementine 75s.

Creamy, sweet, and often spiced with nutmeg, eggnog is a Christmastime classic—and it can also be pretty polarizing. Some (like me) love the flavor and almost milkshake-like texture, while others can't get past the fact that the drink is made from…well, eggs. (Although we do have a vegan, 100 percent egg-free version available.)

Whether you're on #teamnog or not, there are plenty of other holiday drinks to be enjoyed, and we've gathered 14 different options for you. Frozen grasshoppers are a favorite for their festive bright green color, while a steaming mug of mulled wine warms you up with every sip. Read on for those recipes, and even more eggnog alternatives to try this season.

Frozen Grasshopper

Frozen Grasshopper Recipe
Credit: Photo by Victor Protasio / Prop Styling by Christine Keely

Minty green and an ideal dessert cocktail, this frozen grasshopper has three components: a homemade rich simple syrup, Grasshopper Whip (aka, whipped cream spiked with white crème de menthe), and finally, the grasshopper cocktail itself. If you'd like, you can top it all off with a little shaved dark chocolate.

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Blood Orange-Rosemary Fizz

Blood Orange-Rosemary Fizz

Swap summery Aperol spritzes for this fizz, made with Aperol or Campari, rosemary simple syrup, Prosecco, and more.

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Guava Ponche with Sweet Vermouth

Guava Ponche with Sweet Vermouth
Credit: DYLAN + JENI

This chilled drink is Paola Briseño González's riff on Ponche Navideño, a "spiced tropical fruit punch that's served warm with a shot of tequila in Mexico."

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Walker's Mulled Wine

Walker's Mulled Wine
Credit: Greg DuPree

Keep the cold at bay with this mulled wine, which is ready in an hour.

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Inverno Arancione

Inverno Arancione
Credit: Photo by Victor Protasio / Prop Styling by Christine Keely

"Spiced mulled cocktails are what I crave when I want to relax in the colder months," says Amy Brandwein of Centrolina in Washington, D.C. "Red wine is usually the base, but Centrolina Wine Director Alissa Diaz developed this cocktail using Pinot Grigio to focus on citrus and ginger—it almost plays off the flavors of a classic panettone, which is a winter specialty in Italian culture."

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Hot Mulled Cider

Hot Mulled Cider
Another warm, wintery drink to sip on as the snow falls, this hot mulled cider is spiced to perfection.
| Credit: © Keller & Keller

Mulled cider is always an option, too—and this recipe from Ken Oringer comes together in just one step.

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Citrus-Champagne Punch

Citrus-Champagne Punch Recipe
Credit: Justin Walker

Lemon sorbet, London Dry gin, and Champagne star in this celebratory citrus-champagne punch, which was "inspired by old-school 7-UP sherbet punch."

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Caffè Di Alpi

Caffè Di Alpi
Credit: © Wendell T. Webber

Coffee lovers will appreciate this drink, spiked with bourbon and featuring an amaro whipped cream.

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Clementine 75

Clementine 75
This tangy variation on a classic French 75 does double duty for imbibers and abstainers.
| Credit: John Kernick

This riff on the French 75 uses clementine juice in lieu of lemon juice, and also includes a homemade juniper syrup made with fresh ginger, crushed juniper berries, dried cranberries, and cinnamon sticks.

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Babbo Natale Spritz

Cranberry liqueur adds a wintry touch to this spritz—don't forget the rosemary sprig for garnish.

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Frenched Hot Chocolate

Frenched Hot Chocolate
Credit: © David Malosh

This rich drink gets flavor from dark chocolate, a vanilla bean, and a stick of cinnamon, as well as a boozy kick from yellow Chartreuse and Calvados.

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Homemade Hot Chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Homemade hot chocolate takes a little more effort than ripping open a bag of instant mix, but—oh boy—does it taste great!
| Credit: © Evi Abeler

If you're looking for a booze-free hot chocolate, try this simple recipe. All you need is dark chocolate chips, sugar, and milk—plus, whipped cream and marshmallows for garnish if you're so inclined.

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Sparkling Cranberry-Ginger Punch with Toasted Spices

Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Punch with Toasted Spices
Credit: Photo by Greg DuPree / Prop Styling by Claire Spollen

It doesn't get much more festive than this colorful punch, topped with bright slices of clementines (or satsumas) and jewel-like frozen cranberries.

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Spiced Maple Gimlets

Spiced Maple Gimlet Recipe
Credit: Gregory DuPree

This batched drink can be made one day in advance if you want to get a head-start on your menu. Not counting ice or the garnish, you'll only need four ingredients: a juniper-forward gin such as Fords, lime juice, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters (or sarsaparilla).

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