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Killer Potato Latkes

Hannukah is here and we've got the best tips for throwing the ultimate latke party.

1. Make your own delicious, crispy latkes from scratch.
It wouldn’t be a latke party without perfectly crisp, golden latkes. In this video, sister brand My Recipes shares how to make the best classic potato latkes.

2. Swap out the potato for other vegetables.
Once you've mastered the classic version, try these incredible twists:

Butternut Squash Latkes
These bite-size latkes make a great Hannukah appetizer.

Beet-and-Potato Latkes with Thyme
Shredded beets add striking color and a vitamin boost to your latkes.

Zucchini Latkes with Red Pepper Jelly and Smoked Trout
Chef Rachel Klein based this excellent recipe on the zucchini fritters her mom used to make for the Jewish holidays.

Sweet Potato Latkes with Wasabi and Wasabi Tobiko
These fantastic latkes mix sweet and spicy flavors.

3. Stock up on wine.
Champagne and latkes are a foolproof pairing: Champagne has plenty of acid to cut through oil and the bubbles are a refreshing palate cleanser. But Champagne isn't the only wine to drink with latkes. Here, more great wines to pair with latkes that will work with a range of toppings—from creamy crème fraîche to salty smoked salmon.

4. Make DIY toppings.
Take your toppings up a notch with amazing homemade applesauce. Or really go all out and make your own lox.

5. Splurge on caviar.
Topping latkes with caviar is an instant (and delicious) way to impress guests. Here, five amazing American caviars to try now.