This premium hot dog costume doesn't come cheap.
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dancing hot dog
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

One way to have a fun Halloween is to eat a metric shit-ton of candy, and another is to drink a bunch of Halloween cocktails, but maybe the best way of all to have fun this Halloween is to dress like a hot dog and photo bomb all your friends' social media posts by dancing around next to them. Now you can buy yourself an official Snap Inc. Dancing Hot Dog Costume, so you can fully embody that odd animated dancing Snapchat hot dog.

The costume costs $79.99, which is probably actually less than you'd spend on an ambitious costume that you put together yourself. It is, however, definitively more than you'd spend on other hot dog costumes available on Amazon, like this "FunWorld Hot Dog Costume" or this "EraSpooky Men's Halloween Hot Dog Costume," which both cost about $29. Snap Inc.'s two-piece costume is comprised of a sleeved tunic with attached hands and a pair of pants with attached shoe covers. It's made of polyester, or, as the Amazon description cheekily says, "Made of 100% beef, but never starts it!"

As Engadget points out, this is one of just a few physical products that Snap Inc. sells. The others are the Snapchat Spectacles and its accessories. The $130 spectacles are sunglasses that you can Snapchat with. The other available products are its $50 charging case at $10 charging cable.

Right now, the costume has eleven five-star reviews, one two-star review, and two one-star reviews. The very first review is one of the one-star reviews, posted yesterday, titiled "I just can't." The review reads, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." Meanwhile, the most recent review is a five-star review entitled "Top Dog Now," which reads, "I wore this to work for the first time today, and I've already been promoted twice. Soon I'll be the top dog around here." Hah. So it's safe to say that this is a pretty divisive costume. If you're cool with that, you can buy it here.

Warning: this may be such an entertaining costume that you'll want to wear it on non-Halloween occasions too. Know that this will make everyone hate you.