Scraping candy corn, gummy brains and googly eyes from my hardwood floors is never a good way to spend a Sunday—but this time it was all worth it. After years of throwing kids-only Halloween parties—think fried witch's [chicken] fingers, eyeballs in blood (grapes in jello), graveyard cake and all forms of child-friendly, nutrient-free indulgences—I finally decided to add some of my friends to the mix. Think smelly cheeses, roasted ham and turkey with biscuits, lots of good beer, wine and sangria and other adult-friendly indulgences. It took a village that night to deal with all those kids, and luckily I had the equivalent: a bunch of grownups. Plus, with all those adult taste buds in the house, I had a perfect opportunity to try out Thanksgiving recipes. Next year, I'm hiring a cleaning crew (and maybe a bunch of clowns).