You Can Order Katz's Deli for a Father's Day Treat

Send Dad his favorite pastrami and help out NYC's healthcare workers, too.

Although Mother's Day was just this past weekend, Father's Day isn't all that far off, and it's not too early to start figuring out gifts. There's kitchen tools and crafty DIY kits for dads who love to cook—for serious meat-lovers, Katz's Deli just launched its annual Father's Day package, and it's available to ship nationwide.

Every year, the iconic New York deli offers a variation on the package, and this year's package, which became available on May 14, is loaded with everything you need for a serious sandwich. The box includes one pound of sliced brisket, one pound of sliced pastrami, one pound of sliced corned beef, one loaf of rye bread, one pound of mustard, two quarts of pickles—your choice of two full sour, two half sour, or one of each—and choice of a T-shirt or hat, too.

Katz's Deli Father's Day package
Courtesy of Katz's Deli

The spread serves six to eight total and costs $145. For the same price, you can order the "Katz's Griller Package," which includes knockwurst, frankfurters, frankfurter rolls, sauerkraut, knishes, and more; the seasonal subscriptions, available in three-month increments, start at $450, and send themed packages to your door each month. (For example, the June package is all about pastrami.) But if you're looking for a more low-key option, you could try a pound of pastrami or another meat of your choice, and throw in some merchandise.

In mid-March, Katz's also launched two initiatives to help New Yorkers out during the coronavirus pandemic. The first is a matzoh ball soup donation ($5)—the deli has partnered with Henry Street Settlement to "feed our local Lower East Side community during the healthcare crisis," per the description. The second is a "Feed NYC's Healthcare Workers" donation for $20, which will provide a healthcare worker with half a sandwich (either pastrami or turkey), a side of coleslaw or potato salad, and house-cured pickles. Both can be added to your cart along with any other orders placed.

If you are planning on ordering Katz's—or ordering gifts online in general, for that matter—make it sooner rather than later to ensure on-time delivery. Katz's recommends placing orders by Friday, June 5, and you can select the delivery date at checkout.

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