Portable slow cookers exist—need we say more?

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated June 05, 2019
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Some dads like to camp and spend time in the great outdoors; others prefer to get their nature time through wildlife documentaries. If your dad happens to like cooking and camping, we’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gifts to give their camp site an upgrade. There’s an “adventure wagon” that basically functions as a portable bar, and a stove with a griddle for perfect sandwiches and burgers—early risers will enjoy the kettle for coffee and tea. Check out all nine options below, and be sure to order soon so they arrive in time.

Adventure Wagon

Courtesy of Food52

Make sure your cookout has a well-stocked bar with this adventure wagon, which has a waterproof interior line and can serve as a giant cooler. The best part? When it’s closed, you can use it as a table. An optional upgrade kit also includes a waterproof food liner with a drainage spout, as well as a tabletop lid.

Picnic Time Fold-Up Adventure Wagon, $224 (wagon plus upgrade kit) at food52.com

Camping Kettle

Courtesy of Food52

Even if you’re camping in the middle of the woods, you can still have your morning coffee and/or tea, thanks to this kettle. The handle folds down, so it’s easy to pack, and the kettle itself is made from hard-anodized aluminum that heats up quickly.

Primus Litech Lightweight Camp Kettle, $28 ($30 for large size) at food52.com


Courtesy of Food52

Ditch plastic cutlery for this camping set, which comes with two sets of knives, forks, and spoons, all wrapped up in a leather sleeve.

Primus Camping & Travel Cutlery (Set of 2), $32 at food52.com


Courtesy of Food52

Grab this cookware set to make all your favorites when you’re outdoors, whether you want to fry up eggs in the morning or whip up a pasta dinner. Pick from a 2.3 liter pot set option, 1.3 liter pot set, or just the frying pan.

Litech Lightweight Camp Cookware, $33-$72 (price dependent on set) at food52.com

Portable Slow Cooker

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

Apparently, portable slow-cookers exist, and this one can cook food using residual heat for up to 12 hours. Simply prepare your food ahead of time at home and bring it to a boil—then, put your pot in the insulated Wonderbag and seal it so it continues to cook. It’s perfect for bringing chili or stew to a campsite.

Wonderbag Insulated Slow Cooking Carrier, $60 at food52.com


Courtesy of Food52

Instead of struggling to cook over a campfire, opt for this camping stove. It has two burners, plus a small nonstick griddle plate for burgers and sandwiches.

Primus Tupike Outdoor 2-Burner Stove, $250 at food52.com

Portable Multi-Tool

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

This multi-tool is basically a tiny kitchen at your disposal. Attachments include a cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, peeler, carving fork, stirring spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, channel knife, serrated knife, small paring knife, and can opener.

The Chef's Portable Multi-Tool, $32 at uncommongoods.com

Popcorn Maker

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

This popcorn maker can make three quarts of popcorn in 4-5 minutes—heat it over the campfire or grill for the perfect late night snack.

Outdoor Popcorn Popper, $17 at uncommongoods.com

Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

Staying hydrated is key when you’re outdoors, and this tracking bottle uses a dot system to monitor how much you drink during the day.

Hydration Tracking Water Bottle, $10 at uncommongoods.com