They might surprise you.
Blueberry Pie with Rye Crust
Credit: © Con Poulos

What are you cooking this Father's Day? We found out what F&W editors' dads would love to eat on their big day.

1. "My dad's dream Father's Day is dinner on the deck at our cabin in Wisconsin, where we have sweet summer corn and local bratwursts. A heaping pile of sauerkraut is a given and a cold New Glarus beer is a must." —Julia Heffelfinger, Assistant Editor

2. "My father ate a peanut butter sandwich every single day for 28 years. Now he changes it up with cheese."—Noah Kaufman, Associate Editor

3. "Blueberry pie, a disproportionately large scoop of vanilla ice cream and an extra-hoppy IPA, preferably while watching the Red Sox."—Annie Quigley, Editorial Assitant

4. "On Father’s Day my 82-year-old dad will be having a burger (raw onion, no cheese) and a baked sweet potato. We’re taking him out to eat and that is his go-to pretty much anytime he’s in a restaurant. It’s indulgent (because of the red meat) and healthy (because of the sweet potato), a combination he seems to really like." —Pamela Kaufman, Executive Editor

5. "My dad has a fairly adventurous appetite, but for Father’s Day he likes to keep it simple. Grilled burgers with lettuce and tomato along with a potato salad with sweet pickles, onions and lots of herbs. He likes to drink a Belgian beer of some sort with his burger, Duval or Hoegaarden, and then finish the meal off with a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie." —Anna Painter, Test Kitchen Associate Editor

6. "My dad loves relaxing outside—whether it's golfing or sitting on the deck smoking a cigar—so for Father’s Day, he would enjoy a meal that was fresh and easy like marinated skirt steak cooked on the grill with homemade potato salad and some melon for dessert. Simple but delicious." —Emily Tylman, Test Kitchen Assistant

7. "My dad loves pulled pork, mac & cheese and fries, so we always get him barbecue for Father's Day."—Morgan Goldberg, Editorial Assistant

8. "If my brother or I don't cook this year we'll go to my dad's favorite restaurant, Heaven Dragon, where he'll order beef with broccoli."—Mark Romero, Designer

9. "Whether it's Jarlsberg cheese and tomato, or PB&J, my dad's favorite go-to is always on a bagel."—Brianna Wippman, Assistant Editor