Easter egg hunts are inherently a bit absurd. No matter how nicely they’re colored, who’s ever really gotten excited about a collecting a basket full of hard-boiled egg? Besides maybe your annoying friend who is a little too in love with his paleo diet.

Realizing that her children’s interest in hunting for eggs had long since waned as those children were now in their 20s, one mom came up with a plan to keep the excitement surrounding some sort of Easter hunt alive. Her son explained it on Facebook: “One year, after a nice Easter breakfast, Mom announced, ‘Time for the Easter Hunt!’ Jim and I groaned. But our exaggerated disinterest evaporated when Mom produced the baskets. She set out a bunch of empty cardboard 6 pack holders, filled with plastic green grass. ‘The front yard is filled with micro-brews,’ she announced. ‘Each of you is responsible for finding 6 beers.’”

And so the families annual “Easter Beer Hunt” began. A video showing off the festivities has become a viral phenomenon on Facebook, garnering over 23,000 shares in the 10 days it has been posted.

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of similar beer hunts around the world this year.