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Hate Peeps? The #PeepsMassacre hashtag was made for you.

Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017

Love 'em or hate 'em, Peeps are inescapable this time of year. Peeps Oreos have been haunting us since launching in mid-February. One of our favorite frozen custard chains recently debuted Peeps-flavored Italian ices. And just last week, a competitive eater scarfed 255 of the fluffy marshmallow-y ducks and bunnies in a five-minute binge session. But if you count yourself among those who can't stand the sight of Peeps' cute little blank-staring-into-space faces, have we got the social media hashtag for you.

Say hello to #PeepsMassacre, an Instagram hashtag spectacle rife with pink marshmallow genocide. It's where 'grammers brutally slaughter Peeps with pizza cutters:

Instagram @wrensma

Line them up and shoot 'em with silly string:

Instagram @emilykindle

Stab them with a chef's knife (the old fashioned way):

Instagram @amywiseman_1

Mashing them up to create some kind of Peeps salad:

Instagram @morgies_sweet_treats

Melting them onto a cake (this one seems particularly violent to me, not sure why):

Instagram @witch_qween_of_angmar

Leaving them to wilt and die in the confines of a hot car:

Instagram @peevedmichelle

Singing the heck out of them in the oven (would not recommend):

Instagram @heycheyennehey

Or hardening them and crushing them to smithereens with a blunt object.

However you decide to celebrate Easter this year, here's hoping you have a happy one.

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