F&W offers six spring-fresh Easter menus featuring holiday favorites like spring peas, asparagus and leg of lamb.

By Food & Wine
Updated April 09, 2019

A Winemaker’s Perfect Easter Dinner Menu

Credit: © Ellie Miller

Intimate Easter Dinner for 4

Nonfat Greek yogurt blended with fresh goat cheese and spiked with wasabi makes for a luscious, thick, tangy and addictively spicy dip.

Easter Dinner Menu for 8

Credit: © Tina Rupp

Easter Dinner with Chile’s Wine Visionaries

Credit: © Frederic Lagrange

Cal and Mike’s Excellent Easter Dinner Menu

Cal Peternell likes teaching recipes that are extremely versatile, like this one. The cake is wonderful when it's made with almost any type of fruit, from figs and blood oranges to pineapple. Peternell usually uses sweet Meyer lemons from his neighbor's tree. Regular lemons are tasty too and add a bitter note that's a lovely contrast to the gooey brown-sugar topping.
| Credit: © Thomas Heinser

Easter Tea Party for 8

Credit: © Tina Rupp

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