A chocolate bunny you dip in peanut butter. Need we say more?
Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Rabbit
Credit: © Abby Hocking

Easter candy season has come early to Food & Wine. There’s one desk in the office that’s devoted to the new flavors of the season: Bags of Carrot Cake Kisses (no thank you); Easter Green Grass Twizzlers (sure); and little pastel-colored William Greenberg black & white cookies (not technically candy, but yes please).

Amongst the bags I found a box with a new candy that I was immediately obsessed with: A break-apart chocolate rabbit along with a little cup of peanut butter. Called the Dip-It Rabbit, it’s a Russell Stover chocolate bunny sectioned off into six parts. It comes with a serving of creamy Skippy peanut butter. The instructions are obvious: Break It. Dip It. Enjoy It. As a huge fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, I was captivated. I can determine the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter in each bite, while celebrating Easter.

My F&W colleagues and I have decided it’s the best combination since hummus and pita chips. There are still a lot of carrot cake kisses left in the Easter candy box. But no more break-apart chocolate rabbits; they were the first things to disappear.