This vegetable is more than just a tasty side.

By F&W Editors
Updated April 09, 2019
© Kristen Stevens

Carrots are delicious in savory dishes, but they're also fantastic for dessert! Tap into your inner bunny this Easter and make a beautiful spread of incredible, extra-carrot-y sweets. From classic carrot cake to healthy, date-sweetened muffins, here are seven excellent desserts featuring carrots.

1. Classic Carrot Cake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting

Tina Rupp

Pastry chef Jodi Elliot's version is deliciously moist and not too sweet.

2. Cocoa-Carrot Cake with Cocoa Crumble

This is the ultimate carrot cake for chocolate lovers.

3. Nutmeg-Banana-Carrot Muffins with Chocolate Ganache

Simple date syrup sweetens these healthy muffins.

4. Oatmeal-Carrot Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

© Kristen Stevens

If you like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, then you will love these cookies.

5. Coconut Flour Carrot Cake

Coconut flour makes this classic carrot layer cake both gluten-free and pleasingly dense.

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6. Carrot Cupcakes with Caramel and Cream Cheese Frosting

The cream cheese frosting on these moist carrot cupcakes is intentionally undersweetened to compensate for the sweet caramel topping.

7. Almond and Carrot Cake


Because it's not overly sweet or rich, this dessert—a cross between a coarse-textured flourless nut cake and a carrot cake—would be perfect with a glass of sweet wine.

Get the recipe: Almond and Carrot Cake