Get ready for Easter Sunday with these eggy recipes.

By F&W Editors
Updated April 09, 2019
Pea Tortilla with Mint and Yogurt
Credit: © John Kernick

Get ready for Easter Sunday with these 15 eggy recipes.

1. Brioche with Prosciutto, Gruyère and Egg
Suzanne Goin's delicious open-faced sandwiches feature buttery bread topped with gooey cheese, prosciutto and fried egg.

2. Custardy Baked Orzo with Spinach, Bacon and Feta
This eggy baked pasta is made with sautéed leeks and Greek yogurt.

3. Pea Tortilla with Mint and Yogurt
Similar to a frittata, this fantastic dish features fresh spring ingredients like sweet peas and mint.

4. Grilled Asparagus Salad with Fried Eggs
Upgrade a lemony arugula salad by topping it with butter-fried eggs and freshly shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.

5. Scallion Scrambled Eggs with Potato Chips
F&W chef-in-residence Hugh Acheson likes to pair scrambled eggs with kettle-cooked potato chips.

6. Ham and Deviled Egg Breakfast Sandwiches
This breakfast sandwich piles spicy egg salad on toasted English muffins with warm smoky ham and crisp frisée.

7. Fried Eggs with Mustard Seed Oil and Kale
Upgrade fried eggs with an unexpected but delicious combination of sunflower seeds, cumin, yogurt and avocado.

8. Sunchoke Hash with Fried Eggs
Nutty-tasting sunchokes make an excellent base for a crispy hash, especially when there's sharp cheddar cheese mixed in and a runny egg on top.

9. Pearl Barley Porridge with Ham and Eggs
David Chang's simple, savory dish is made with barley that's simmered in a mix of cider, chicken broth and kombu seaweed.

10. Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Arugula
Save on time by using toasted English muffins for this delicious version of the classic brunch dish.

11. Bacon, Tomato and cheddar Breakfast Bake with Eggs
Topped with runny eggs, this delicious dish is perfect for a crowd.

12. Eggs Baked in Roasted Tomato Sauce
Here, eggs are cooked in an antioxidant-rich tomato sauce.

14. Banger & Egg Sandwiches
These delicious breakfast sandwiches feature bangers (British slang for sausages), eggs and sharp cheddar cheese.

14. Zucchini Omelet
This Greek-inspired omelet is made with thinly sliced zucchini and feta.

15. Egg White & Spinach Frittata with Salsa Ranchera
Ready in 40 minutes, this healthy dish is served with warm salsa ranchera made by blending roasted tomatoes, garlic and jalapeños.