By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 05, 2014
© epa european pressphoto agency b.v. / Alamy

At Austin's South by Southwest Interactive conference this weekend, attendees will discuss innovation, emerging technology and Cronut creator Dominique Ansel's latest edible brain teaser: milk-and-cookie shots. Here are some topics we're looking forward to hearing about.

Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Food, People and History

The creator of Taco Journalism, Mando Rayo will explain why Austin is the breakfast taco capital of the world as well as his strategy for owning a blogging niche. Hint: It has to do with eating over 100 breakfast tacos.

The Videogame History Museum

Hold on. Wait. There's a Videogame History Museum? That copy of Tecmo Super Bowl that I used to blow into when I was 10 counts as an “artifact?” The answer to both of those questions is apparently yes.

The World of 3D Printed Food

A machine extruding your pizza might not sound like the most appetizing way to get a meal, but it’s becoming a more accessible one.

Online LEGO Fans & the People Who Love Them

Find out why you're still obsessed with LEGOs and Minifigures in this discussion about how its creators encourage online fandom.

Harmontown Live

Dan Harmon is best known for creating the NBC cult hit Community, but if you watch this trailer you’ll see he’s known for many other things—like getting fired from the NBC cult hit Community. And also how he flipped the stigma of getting fired and turned his status into a very funny podcast called Harmontown. He’s bringing the tour to Austin on Saturday evening.

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