Cinco De Mayo

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Mexican Americans Don't Know How to Feel About Cinco de Mayo in the Trump Era
“I mean, what is it about? You want to eat our food and listen to our music, but when we need you to defend us, where are you?”
The Historically Accurate Way to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
The May 5 event that is commemorated by the holiday was the victory of a ragtag group of Mexican fighters at the Battle of Puebla
9 Best Fajitas for Cinco de Mayo
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these 9 superb fajita recipes.
9 Ways to Eat as Much Avocado as Possible on Cinco de Mayo
Avocado can upgrade anything, from smoked salmon toast to happy hour cocktails. It would be crazy not to use it to upgrade Cinco de Mayo. Here are nine ways to do just that.

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