Pizza, donut, and avocado hats help to make the season bright.
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eggs and avocado halves
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If your version of Christmas spirit is a little bit more Santa Claus' Christmas magic than ugly Christmas sweaters and heavy drinking, then a Santa hat is probably your best bet as far as holiday apparel. If you want to set yours apart from all the other Santa hats while showing off your love of food, these quirky hats available on Amazon have you covered.

Shrimp Santa Hat

shrimp santa hat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you love Christmas almost as much as you love cocktail sauce, this shrimp Santa hat is for you.

Taco Santa Hat

we love tacos hat for christmas
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

We're pretty sure that this "I Love Tacos" hat is what Santa wears when he's tired of all the milk and cookies.

Mexican Food Santa Hat

veggie themed santa hat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Maybe sometimes Santa's not as picky—according to this printed hat, as long as the meal involves lime, avocado, peppers, and corn, he'll probably be satisfied.

Avocado and Egg Santa Hat

eggs and avocado halves
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Speaking of avocados, this hat, printed with smiling, blushing avocados and eggs, is absolutely adorable. It's the perfect hat to wear to breakfast on Christmas morning.

Breakfast Food Santa Hat

breakfast combo bacon eggs toast
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Another breakfast option: this charming hat features a personified coffee cup, slice of toast, orange, fried egg, and a strip of bacon, sitting around and waiting to be eaten.

Donut Santa Hat

pink glazed doughnuts
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Or maybe protein doesn’t matter as much to you on Christmas morning, and you just want to eat sugar as soon as possible, because, as everyone knows, desserts on holidays don't count. Show off your sweet tooth with this donut-covered Santa hat.

Cupcake Santa Hat

happy cute cupcakes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

For a similar effect, you can also go for this one, covered in smiling cupcakes.

Hamburger Santa Hat

burgers on a santa hat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This delightful hat features a cartoon hamburger smiling, waving at you, and saying "hi." The hat helpfully labels it "the happy hamburger."

Pizza Santa Hat

pizza slice santa hat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you think Christmas is better when it's weirder, why not try this wonderfully bizarre hat, featuring the Illuminati eye in pizza form floating shining in a sparkly galaxy? (If you're asking "Why?" rather than "Why not?" then it's probably not the hat for you.)