Nothing says Christmas like a pizza lightning bolt stocking.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated November 29, 2017
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We all know that the best stocking stuffer is food—like, did you really need another pair of socks or tube of mascara? So you might as well embrace the best part of the stocking tradition and buy a stocking that matches your love of food. Besides, maybe it'll give anyone buying you presents the right idea.

Smiling Hot Dog Stocking

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Judging by its huge smile, this hotdog is clearly very excited to be gracing the face of your stocking.

French Fries Stocking

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Want to go in on matching stockings with your roommate or significant other? What better side to have with a smiling hot dog than some smiling French fries? This French fry stocking should do the trick.

Cadbury Christmas Stocking

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The stocking part may be cardboard, but you'll be quick to forgive when you taste the six different Cadbury chocolate bars inside.

Felt Cherry Cupcake Stocking

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This stocking, featuring a sprinkled chocolate cupcake topped with a cherry against a pink, sparkly background says, "All I want for Christmas is cupcakes."

Pizza Lightning Bolt Stocking

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If lightning bolts are awesome and pizza is awesome, then this pizza lightning bolt stocking must be doubly awesome.

Bacon and Eggs Stocking

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Along similar lines, if sledding is delightful and bacon and eggs are delightful, then this stocking of an egg sledding on a piece of bacon is doubly delightful.

Pusheen the Cat Hamburger Stocking

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How about a stocking of Pusheen the cat clinging desperately to a cheeseburger to show everyone that you love food, but you're also adorable?

Milk and Cookies Stocking

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If one thing you and Santa have in common is a love of milk and cookies, you might enjoy this cookie-covered stocking with smiling cartons and glasses of milk.

Personalized Donut Stocking

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Love donuts? You can personalize this donut stocking with your name so that everyone knows who the person with the awesome stocking is.

ShaVonNa Fruit and Vegetable Stocking

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If you love food, but prefer something a little healthier, how about the very expressive fruits and vegetables on this illustrated stocking? Because nutritious foods deserve Christmas love too.