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Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Press

Picture Santa: Jolly, fat, rosy-cheeked, generous, happy, doesn’t kidnap children. Now imagine the exact opposite of that. That’s Krampus. Often depicted as a sharp-toothed, snake-tongued goat man, Krampus originated in Germanic folklore. Legend has it that while Santa rewards all good girls and boys with gifts, Krampus punishes bad children by dragging them down to the underworld in a sack (or to the Black Forest, depending on who you talk to). He’s about as metal as you can get during Christmas, and we bet American coal is sounding pretty good right now.

While FWx does not condone dragging children into the underworld, we do like to balance wholesome Christmas joy with fun-loving holiday demons. Here, seven pieces of Krampus swag to make your holiday a little more metal.

1. Krampus Beer

At 9 percent ABV, Southern Tier’s ultra-bitter Krampus Imperial Helles Lager will bring out the Krampus in everyone.

2. Krampus Chocolate

This Krampus milk chocolate is a cool alternative to the ubiquitous chocolate Santa.

3. Krampus Flask

Keep your Krampus flask close for emergencies like uncomfortable office holiday parties.

4. Krampus Coffee Mug

Spread the word of Krampus with this cute-scary travel mug.

5. Krampus Oven Mitt

While no cast-iron pan is too hot for Krampus’s leathery demon skin, your delicate human hands need this oven mitt.

6. Krampus Wrapping Paper

Say merry Krampus with this tastefully evil wrapping paper.

7. Krampus Lip Balm

According to this lip balm, Krampus smells like cinnamon and banana.