When it comes to Christmas cookies, German bakers know what they’re doing.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Beautiful, delicious and nearly impossible to pronounce (try to say weihnachtsplätzchen three times fast), the buttery cookies are deliciously festive and worth adding to your cookie platter. Here, our best recipes for classic German Christmas cookies.

1. Hausfreunde

Credit: © Nicole Franzen

This recipe calls for dipping buttery almond-apricot sandwich cookies in bittersweet chocolate. The phenomenal results are well worth the effort.

2. Basler Leckerli

Basler Leckerli
Credit: © Nicole Franzen

These spiced cookie bars are an essential part of a German Christmas. They are an excellent make-ahead sweet; in fact, they get more tender and flavorful the longer they sit.

3. Lebkuchen


Lebkuchen are traditional delicately spiced German molasses-ginger cookies.

4. Haselnussmakronen

Credit: © Nicole Franzen

These raspberry-hazelnut macaroons require just five ingredients and are extremely no-fuss.

5. Candy Cookies

Candy Cookies
Credit: © Fredrika Stjärne

These truffle-like cookies are adapted from a traditional holiday cookie that baker Renato Poliafito discovered during his travels in Germany.