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For event producer Paola Briseño González, tamales are a new holiday tradition—one that’s here to stay.
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The Best Food-Themed Christmas Ornaments for 2019
As holiday season draws closer, it’s almost time to set up the quintessential Christmas tree, and we highly recommend decorating it with food-themed ornaments. A slice of pizza topped with glittering slices of pepperoni; two eggs paired with crisp slices of bacon for the breakfast-lover; a tin of caviar with the “lid” pulled back to revealing shiny black pearls within. They’re a great way to pay homage to your love of cooking and eating in a subtle way—or, cover your whole tree in them and make it not-so-subtle. Click through to see some of our favorites.

10 Candy Wreaths for a Sweeter Christmas

You'll make the Sugar Plum Fairy so proud.