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Here's Why You Get an Orange in Your Christmas Stocking

It's a tradition in many families, but where exactly did it come from? We dug into the history to learn about the origins of this Christmas tradition.

14 Great Stocking Stuffers for Home Cooks

We’re adding avocado tools, meat thermometers, and more to our shopping list.

The Best Food-Themed Christmas Ornaments for 2019

As holiday season draws closer, it’s almost time to set up the quintessential Christmas tree, and we highly recommend decorating it with food-themed ornaments. A slice of pizza topped with glittering slices of pepperoni; two eggs paired with crisp slices of bacon for the breakfast-lover; a tin of caviar with the “lid” pulled back to revealing shiny black pearls within. They’re a great way to pay homage to your love of cooking and eating in a subtle way—or, cover your whole tree in them and make it not-so-subtle. Click through to see some of our favorites.

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