santa holiday shopping
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Arguably the best part of the holiday season is getting and, if you’re a good person, giving presents. And arguably the worst part of the holiday season is shopping for said presents, let alone party supplies and Christmas dinner ingredients as the days get shorter.

Foursquare has used their expertise as a location intelligence company to compile data on the highest and lowest traffic times, even breaking down the information by the type of retailer you should visit (or avoid, depending).

The best times to shop? Evenings are certainly a go-to, but stick to Monday night for liquor, clothing and candy (sounds like a party!), beer and books on Thursday, and grocery and toy stores are going to be easier to navigate on Friday evening. But on Sundays, the early bird gets the easiest access to department stores, arts and crafts and discount stores, so don’t sleep in too late.

Courtesy of Foursquare

As for the worst times to get your shopping done, pretty much don’t bother leaving your house on Saturday. Save that for wrapping.

Courtesy of Foursquare

Of course the final rush you may be forgetting about is actually shipping those gifts out to lucky loved ones across the country and globe. Foursquare has you covered there as well with the peak times for getting in and out of FedEx, UPS and the post office without a fuss.

Courtesy of Foursquare

You know what? After looking at all the data, I’m thinking maybe this is a good year for gift cards.