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By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

You might call quinoa the kale of grains for all the hype it's received as a nutrient-dense superfood. But it has a long history in South America as a filling food for workers, and it can be a healthy staple for even the most staunch meat-eaters. There are just so many ways to dress up the protein-packed power grain, from salads to desserts. In the video above, our sister brand Cooking Light shows you how it can even be made into a pizza crust.

Here, nine more recipes for a wholesome, quinoa-packed start to the New Year.

1. Lemony Quinoa Salad with Shaved Vegetables
In this earthy-but-bright salad, nutty quinoa is tossed with shaved root vegetables.

2. Quinoa and Brown Rice Bowl with Tahini
A spicy, rich tahini sauce is a perfect complement to crunchy vegetables and filling whole grains.

3. Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Apples
It's an all-in-one vegetarian meal sweetened up with apples.

4. Sweet Breakfast Quinoa
Maple syrup and fresh ricotta added to quinoa create a sweet, satisfying oatmeal alternative.

5. Quinoa Salad with Grilled Scallions, Favas and Dates
Intense pureed dates and smoky grilled scallions make for a nontraditional yet delicious grain salad.

6. Crispy Quinoa Sliders
This is a versatile veggie burger that you can put on a bun or serve with a green salad.

7. Quinoa with Spice-Roasted Shrimp and Pistou
Incredibly flavorful shrimp and oil-packed pistou will make you forget how good for you quinoa is.

8. Quinoa Salad with Pickled Radishes and Feta
Quickly pickled radishes and salty feta bring quinoa to life in this salad.

9. Crispy Quinoa Brittle
You can even have quinoa for dessert with this sweet brittle made with sesame seeds.