By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 02, 2014
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Uggh, the holidays, right? There’s so much to do. Cooking, cleaning, decorating. If you’re the one tasked with hosting a party this year, you may already be getting nervous about everything you’ve got to do. But fortunately we live in a time of tiny devices designed to make our lives easier in every conceivable way. There is an app or a website for almost everything. Here are seven resources to keep in your pocket this holiday season. Just add all those presents you bought on Cyber Monday.

The tradition of getting in the car, driving out to the country and choosing (or thieving) a Christmas tree is now being replaced with the tradition of clicking through a menu of pre-sorted tree options. You’ll need to actually open your browser to go on, but the New York-based company will deliver a Christmas tree from Maine or Canada to your door and set it up for you.

2. Handy

So you haven’t scrubbed your toilet in a couple months huh? Handy will take care of that for you. It’s an app that sends a professional to come clean your house and after just a few hours no one will know that you haven’t actually purchased cleaning supplies since mid-2011. Oh, they’ll also build your IKEA furniture for you if you just need to have that Hemnes cabinet put together right now.

If you’re worried about looking good in front of your passive aggressive mother or in-laws when they come by for holiday cheer, Glamsquad has you covered. They bill themselves as the Uber of hair. If you love having strangers drive you around the city, you’ll love having them give you a blowout in your kitchen.

Cooking a holiday meal is probably the most time consuming thing you’ll do all holiday season. Kitchensurfing will send skilled to your home to cook a full dinner for you and your guests. They've just posted special holiday dinner and cocktail party packages.

5. Drizly

At a holiday party you’d probably rather focus on drinking alcohol instead of running to the store to buy it. Drizly delivers beer, wine and spirits to your door for a minimal markup. It’s the easiest beer run in history.

If you don’t have a fireplace or you’re just too lazy to light a fire before everyone comes over, then go for the fake one from Holiday Fireplace. It can stream to your TV in case you can’t figure out which channel on your cable is running them.

7. Zeel

Even after all this not working, you’re probably stressed out by the intense energy of the holidays. Use Zeel to order a masseuse or masseur to work out those knots in the comfort of your living room. They bring the tables. No need to pop into sketchy neighborhood massage parlors… unless you're looking for additional services.