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By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Amid all the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ve bought your bird, decided which sides to make and made your pie crust with Jacques Pépin’s help, but here are some tips to have in your apron pocket that will keep you calm while you make your Thanksgiving feast.

1. Thaw Turkey, Fast
If you forget to take your turkey out of the freezer, don’t fret: This trick will have your bird oven-ready in no time for one of our fast turkey recipes.

2. Expert Onion Chopping
Learn how to get onions ready efficiently to cut down on tear time.

3. Freshly Dryed Herbs Anytime
If the dried herbs on your spice rack are no longer doing the trick, you can dry fresh herbs easily with this Mad Genius Tip.

4. Prepare Leeks
Leeks can be a bit intimidating, but their flavor can’t be beat. As you prep, be sure to save the stems for one of our no-waste leek recipes.

5. Quickly Peel Fresh Ginger
Ginger adds a healthy, autumnal kick to recipes like Whole Roasted Carrots with Fresh Ginger. Peeling it is easy if you follow the steps in this video.

7. Cut Up Butternut Squash
With so many great butternut squash recipes out there, it’s almost certainly on your Thanksgiving menu. Watch this video for the best way to break one down.