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By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Strawberry-Champagne Granita
Credit: © Kate N.G. Sommers

A refreshing, icy granita can be both a healthier ice cream alternative and a perfect accompaniment to oysters. It’s infinitely customizable, from its base to its seasonings. This video from ChefSteps shows you how to get a batch into your freezer in no time:

Here, some ready-made recipes for sweet granitas.

1. Strawberry-Champagne Granita (above)
Star chef Andrew Zimmern loves this bright pink version, made with sparkling wine.

2. Melon Granita Trio
These Mexican granitas are flavored with cinnamon and cayenne.

3. Cranberry Granita
A festive, deep-red cranberry granita is perfectly complemented by orange zest.

4. Lemon and Rosemary Granita
The intense flavor of rosemary brings this sweet, citrusy granita to the next level.

5. Concord Grape Granita
Sweet Concord grapes have three times the antioxidants of orange and grapefruit, making this dessert a very healthy choice.