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5 Ways to Use Grilled Leftovers from Your Fourth of July Party

Let's make use of the fruit, vegetables, burgers and everything else that didn't get eaten before last night's fireworks. 
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17 Red, White, and Blue Foods to Make for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is all about red, white, and blue—so you might as well make sure your menu is just as on-theme as your outfit. While the idea of finding a lot of red (let alone blue) recipes may sound daunting, rest assured you have plenty of options. Whole fruit rocket pops, a riff on the childhood classic, make a fun dessert with their strawberry-lime, coconut-banana, and blueberry-mint layers; ricotta and roasted tomato bruschetta with pancetta brings contrasting colors and a sweet-savory profile to the table. Read on for more of our red, white, and blue recommendations.
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Outstanding Craft ‘Session’ Beers for Your July Fourth BBQ

Done properly, day drinking should be a marathon—not a sprint. But if you’re cracking a traditional craft beer this July Fourth—many of which touch 7 or 8 percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV)—you’re going to struggle to stay up for the fireworks. That’s because one pint of an 8 percent ABV beer packs more booze than a double bourbon. (If you don’t trust our math, here’s a handy drink calculator.) Session beers are the solution. Packing all the flavor of your favorite craft offerings but with as little as half the alcohol, the “sessionable” beers on this list will buoy your holiday rather than weigh it down. — Markham Heid
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Ultimate Guide to the Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, you should go big. Summer entertaining is at its peak and you must take advantage. Throw a pool party, a dinner party, a pre-fireworks party, a post-fireworks party—whatever. And no matter which you decide on, you'll definitely require food and drinks. And that's where we come in. We've designed the Ultimate Fourth of July Guide with hundreds of recipes that highlight barbecue, summer produce, patriotic dishes and more. We have full menus you can cook from start to finish, as well as inspiration for your own creations. And don't worry, we have a few detox recipes for July 5, too. So decide between juicy burgers or fall-off-the-bone ribs, blackberry or stone fruit pie with almond streusel, a mango margarita or a cold, local IPA, and you will be absolutely set with the tools you need to have the best July Fourth ever. Thanks, America, for being born.
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4th of July Party Ideas

Get festive for Fourth of July with red sangria, a firecracker salsa, color-coded hors d'oeuvres and more.