TV Viewing Menus

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Cooking for a night of television

Thank goodness for the jump button on the remote control; I seem to have one that works even with greasy fingers. Sunday night I'm going to be hopping between the Emmys on ABC and the Packers-Cowboys game on NBC. Now I just have to decide on snacks. There's our pigskin roundup, where chef Tim Love recommends Ro*Tel chiles and Velveeta. Then this week our resident television gurus, Grace Parisi and Christine Quinlan, created their own ingenious pairings, both cocktails and finger foods for some of their favorite nominated shows, so maybe I'll make a Wry Manhattan (Parisi writes: "Elaine Strich is nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress for her performance on 30 Rock as Colleen Donaghy, Jack Donaghy’s insane, emotionally withholding, alcoholic mother. This cocktail is perfect for her: It’s lethal and sneaks up on you.") But that might get in the way of my channel surfing. Decisions, decisions.