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46% of Americans Say They Won't Be Handing Out Candy on Halloween, Survey Shows

34% of those surveyed say they plan to go through with celebrating Halloween normally this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic

24 Main Course Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving

From a mustard-crusted rib roast of beef to a smoky glazed ham, here are great main course alternatives to holiday turkey.

34 Showstopping Thanksgiving Pies and Tarts

From classic pumpkin pie to a chocolate pecan tart, and so many more in between, here are 34 delicious pies and tarts to serve at Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving desserts don’t have to be a hassle, and most of these pies can be prepared ahead of time. And if you're wondering which pie pan is best, check out our picks from all of the ones we tested.Related: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

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Our 32 Best Thanksgiving Desserts

Whether you prefer pumpkin or apple pie, dessert may be the best part about Thanksgiving. From apple crisp to a salted-caramel cheesecake, any one of these stunning desserts will be a beautiful, well-loved addition to your holiday table.Related: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

Lidl Is Releasing 4 Food-Themed Advent Calendars This Year—Including One Just for Hot Sauce

You might even want to buy a calendar to count down to the countdown.