Highland Park Is Releasing Its Oldest Whisky to Date for $54,000 a Bottle

Whisky aficionados can get their hands on the rare spirit starting on Feb. 23.

Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky its new 54 Year Old single malt Scotch Whisky

Courtesy of Highland Park

Highland Park is ringing in its 225th anniversary with a ritzy release of a 54-year-old single malt scotch whisky, the brand’s oldest to date. 

Whisky aficionados can get their hands on the rare spirit starting on Feb. 23 at specialty retailers across the globe for a cool $54,000. Though, anyone hoping to purchase one better act fast, as the distillery only produced 225 bottles in honor of its big year. 

“This exceptionally rare 54 Year Old single malt Scotch Whisky has been nurtured through careful maturation and harmonization,” Gordon Motion, Highland Park’s master whisky maker, shared in a press release provided to Food & Wine. “Representing a quarter of Highland Park’s life, we felt it was a fitting way to mark our 225th anniversary, born and crafted in the heart of Orkney.” 

The spirit is said to have an intensely sweet, rich, and conclusory spicy flavor. Snagging a bottle will unearth lychee, woody camphor, and vintage oak. And a beloved ethereal heathery peat on the nose for tasters. The company added that the whisky is a “deep Autumnal russet” color and comes with no additives. 

For those with a robust palate, other notes include crushed cumin, coriander, summer rose, and jasmine with a hint of kiwi fruit, sweet fenugreek, and pistachio. 

The whiskey also comes in bespoke embossed bottles and is housed in a Scottish oak wood box designed by John Galvin. Each box is unique, offering variations of natural colors meant to further honor its home in Orkney.

“I wanted to immerse myself in the islands again,” Galvin shared about his inspiration for the boxes. He added, he hoped “to capture the soul of Orkney and bring it back to the rock formations and the islands being formed out of the sea in a sculpture that would show Highland Park’s place on Earth through layers of time.”

See where you can pick up a bottle at the company’s website, highlandparkwhisky.com.

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