Hellmann’s Wants You to Put Mayo in Your Eggnog This Holiday Season

According to Hellmann's, its mayo has enough egg to get the job done.

Hellmann's Mayo-Nog

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It's a question I ask myself every Christmas season: What exactly is a "nog"? Most dictionaries define it as a shortened version of "eggnog." But how much egg do you really need to make it a full-blown "nog"? According to Hellmann's, you need however much egg is in its mayonnaise.

Yes, egg is only the third ingredient in Hellmann's mayonnaise, behind oil and water. However, America's best-selling mayo still believes that's plenty of egg to give you a perfectly acceptable nog — and it's created its own mayo-nog to prove it.

Working in collaboration with mixologist Cody Goldstein (of hospitality company Muddling Memories), Hellmann's created the Frozen Mayo-nog & Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookie, billed as "an unexpected new cocktail and dessert pairing" and said to be "inspired by the classic holiday tradition of milk and cookies."

As the name implies, the Frozen Mayo-nog completely swaps out the egg for mayo, mixing dark rum, apple brandy, whole milk, heavy cream, simple syrup, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a quarter-cup of Hellmann's mayonnaise per three-serving batch. Toss it all into a blender and blend until smooth to reach boozy mayo heaven.

Hellmann's Mayo Nog

Joalia Hospitality

If you want to try the Frozen Mayo-nog exactly as Goldstein intended, you'll have to head to Amy Fontaine's in New York City from now until December 15, as it's the only place serving it. A single glass (which can also be made in a non-alcoholic version) will set you back $16, or you can grab it paired with Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookies (including a mayo glaze) for $24.

Not willing to travel all the way to Midtown Manhattan for a glass of Hellmann's nog? Don't fret. The recipe is also available on the Mudding Memories Instagram page.

Hellmann's says the project is intended to "highlight the versatility of Hellmann's Mayonnaise and encourage everyone to get creative in the kitchen this holiday season" — even with cocktails. But if you do get wild with your mayonnaise creations, maybe just warn your taste testers first.

Hellmann's isn't the first brand to get creative with nogs for the holidays. Earlier this year, Kellogg's partnered on a waffle-inspired Eggo Nog. And last year, Hidden Valley raised plenty of eyebrows with the release of their RanchNog kit. But maybe this is just a three-way nog battle waiting to happen at your house on Christmas Eve. 

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