This Company Will Send You on a Two-Year RV Trip to Visit Breweries

Harvest Hosts is looking for someone to create the ultimate brewery and distillery road trip across America.

Harvest Hosts will pay you to drink beer and camp out in a decked out RV

Harvest Hosts

For beer and spirits lovers, the idea of spending two years traveling around the country in an RV hitting up hundreds of breweries and distilleries might sound like a dream come true. Well, the RV campsite company Harvest Hosts is looking for someone to do exactly that — and will cover a lot of the expenses to make it happen.

Today, Harvest Hosts — which bills itself as “a membership program offering RVers access to unique RV camping options across North America” — posted a job listing for an “AleBlazer.” The task at hand: Visit all 500-plus of Harvest Hosts’ brewery and distillery host locations across the country and turn all of those stops into “North America’s Ultimate Ale Trail.”

Harvest Hosts will pay you to drink beer and camp out in a decked out RV

Harvest Hosts

To facilitate this gig as a “road trip architect,” Harvest Hosts will supply their AleBlazer with a “decked out RV” to be used to spend one night at each location — and with over 500 locations, yes, the company says this is a two-year stint. Additionally, Harvest Hosts says that all beverages at local breweries and distilleries will be included, as well as a lifetime Harvest Hosts membership.

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As for actual pay, the company says they are only offering a daily stipend of $50, meaning that despite all the free drinks and rent-free RV, the effective salary isn’t much more than $18,000 per year.

Still, the work itself is intended to be a big benefit. Beyond consuming free beer, the AleBlazer is asked to leave a review for each location and document the trip on social media while using all of this information to design “the best route for future travelers.” And if all goes well, Harvest Hosts says the right person could continue working for the company “to design road trips for all types of interests and experience levels, from an alpaca farm trail to a winery route to a golf course journey.”

The only listed job requirements are that applicants must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, be able to drive an RV, and be over the age of 21. To apply, they also have to provide evidence of their love of breweries and distilleries with “images and videos highly recommended.” The application can be found here.

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