By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 28, 2015
Courtesy of Hundred Million

When it comes to hangovers, most sufferers are looking for a cure. What magical food or elixir will make me feel normal again? The Hangover Cup, which is currently closing in on its Kickstarter funding goal, doesn’t purport to do any of that. Instead, this bizarre invention is all about accepting your fate—that you are super hungover—and mitigating any additional negative ramifications from there.

If hangovers reduce your willingness to get out of bed, plague your hand-eye coordination and cause you to accidentally dump water all over your face, the makers of the Hangover Cup—just a giant sippy cup for adults—claim they can solve all those issues for you. It’s got a leak-proof valve, a two-handed grip and a sturdy design that is hard to tip over. It can hold a liter of any liquid of your choosing, be it water for rehydration or tequila as a hair of the dog.

So will it cure your hangover? No more than drinking out of any other container would. Is it practical? Maybe if you really are that big of a klutz. Is it a fun novelty gift? That would seem like the biggest selling point. On their campaign site, the company bills the product as “perfect to send as a gift.” For those in the U.S., once you add in shipping costs, a Hangover Cup will run you a bit less than $17. Whether you find that affordable probably depends on whether you’re a “Jack & Coke” guy or a “well whiskey and whatever is cheapest” guy.

With the holidays coming up, it could make for a fun addition to a gift exchange; unfortunately, the estimated shipping date isn’t until January of next year. That’s fine. Anyone who is a big enough lush to appreciate a present like this would probably just rather have a $17 bottle of flavored booze instead.

[h/t Foodiggity]