Wheat is one of the most-produced grains in the world, used in bread, crackers, breakfast cereals and processed pastries like cookies and doughnuts. F&W's guide to this grain focuses mainly on recipes that have whole-wheat ingredients—this kind of wheat contains more nutrients and is better for your heart. One of the best parts about whole wheat is that it doesn't feel like a compromise—whole grain products like pasta and flatbreads have rich, nutty flavors and are an easy, healthy swap. These pancakes are made with wheat flour, but once they're topped with berries and whipped cream, you'll barely be able to tell the difference. Whole-wheat pasta goes wonderfully with a rich sauce like this roasted asparagus pesto, which brings out pasta's nutty flavor. Whether you're looking for healthier alternatives to processed wheat or just love carbs, F&W's guide has all of the recipes you need.

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Kamut Recipes
The sweet, almost buttery flavor of Kamut—an heirloom variety of wheat—works well in several different dishes. Here, delicious kamut recipes including a salad with shrimp and kamut spaghetti.
Wheat Berries
From a winter three-grain soup to pan-fried pork chops with quinoa pilaf, here are some delicious wheat berry recipes.
Best Heirloom Wheat Producers
For years, chefs have extolled heirloom vegetables and heritage pork, but flour has always just been flour. Now, small-scale American farmers are growing ancient wheat varieties—lower in gluten than modern kinds—and millers are crushing wheat the old-fashioned way, for healthier results. Here, you'll find their stories, plus recipes from their biggest fans.